Wednesday, 5 October 2011

NYC meet-up, continued

So, in the rush to post about the meet-up, I forgot to show any of the treasures I picked up.  Because you know, it was supposed to be all about sewing, not eating and drinking.  When we all threw our patterns into a pile in the centre of Worldwide Plaza, I tried not to look, thinking about the three diaper boxes full of patterns I already have at home.  That's right, three diaper boxes.  They hold about 40-45 patterns each.  Yikes.  But then I saw that people hadn't brought along their fugly '90s patterns, but some lovelies like these:

Well, some of you may not think that those caftan/dashiki patterns are lovelies, but think of them as tunics.  Yeah, tunics.  

And here is my relatively modest fabric haul.  First up, the wovens:

From left to right: cotton broadcloth which will probably become something for my daughter; blue silk which was in a pile of nylon lining fabrics priced at $2/yard = score; silk charmeuse with an art deco feel. How beautiful is that?  It was $12/yard, which is a bit out of my comfort zone, what with being cheap thrifty, but how could I pass this up?

Next up: the knits.  It's hard to find reasonably priced jersey here in Montreal.  There must be some place, but until I find it, I'm not willing to spend $14/metre for icky jersey at Fabricville.

1m each of the striped, the mixed blue and the pink jersey; 3m of the black, because unlike Oona, I can never get enough black jersey.

This blue knit has the potential to turn nasty if I choose the wrong pattern.  Maybe just a very, very simple T with few seams.

And just so this post isn't all sewing and no scientist, here is what I did when I got back to Montreal.  We were invited to hear this talk and speak a bit about our project.  Lots of cool projects going on in Canada and the developing world that always make me wonder, "how the hell did I get this dream job?!  And when is my strike going to end so I can get back to 'taking life-saving science from lab to village', so to speak"  ;)

On another note, my man was taking some kind of online survey this morning to determine whether he was a nerd or not; he got a "not nerd" verdict, which led to a discussion about how our perceptions of what is and isn't a nerd has probably changed a lot over the last decade, what with the technology used in everyday life, when I realized what my shirt said:

Perhaps I won't take that survey.  


  1. Nerds for life! I love the second pattern you picked up, and your t-shirt is awesome. RL x

  2. I used to be an on-campus dealer for a scientific supply company, so I would get lots of free Tshirts. I've recycled all if them but this one, since it's really thick, good quality cotton knit. And nerdtastic.

  3. oh lucky you, such lovely fabrics and lush patterns. PS I think it's actually ok to be nerdy these days!

  4. Great fabric and pattern haul!!! i really love that art deco one!!!

  5. Hey Charlotte, you should have seen what Debi got ;) I guess we will see it sooner or later!
    I've never sewn with charmeuse before, so I'm a bit intimidated. I'm making something cotton right now to take it easy (although the print is very complicated and the matching is a b****) (and by b**** I mean _blast_ of course).

  6. I've seen everything else you've made, I'm sure it will turn out well !! lol x x x x

  7. Love your haul, and love your nerdy t-shirt too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who collects geeky science t-shirts!


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