Thursday, 28 October 2010

Things I love...

....and I would make someday if I had the time and the appropriate fabric and could grade patterns accurately....

And here is some fabric I am strangely attracted to, despite it's loudness (or maybe because of it):
Vintage Hawaiian Barkcloth TextileVintage Pine Cone Fabric 2 YARDS
Orange and Brown Fabric9927 L Flower Sugar Fabric by Lecien 1 Yard

A horror story, just in time for Halloween

There is a charity shop in my village where I often find great vintage dresses, fabrics or notions.  They get good quality articles from estate sales or donations, and I rarely leave without something beautiful to wear or remake.  When I stopped by yesterday, I noticed a big pile of vintage pattern pieces and instruction sheets behind the cash.  "Wonderful", I thought, "They are going to start selling patterns too." 

But no, here is the awful truth:  They told me that they always receive old patterns, but "they might be missing a piece or something, so we just take them apart and use the papers for wrapping china"!!!!!  Then they held up a few empty envelopes for 50-60s dresses and said, "Who would use these old patterns when you can buy new things so cheap?"

Oh, the horror.  I made them promise to keep any patterns that come in until I have a chance to look at them. 

At least the story has a happy ending.
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