Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A somewhat belated discovery

After almost two years of blogging, I just realized that the initialism for my blog is ASS. 

Well. That makes me feel like an....

....unobservant person.

Monday, 13 August 2012

If it sounds too good to be true...

Spotted on Craig'slist this morning: 

*quickly clicks through to see this underpriced treasure and hopefully nab it before anyone else can get there*


Saturday, 4 August 2012


In case you hadn't heard, Oona is having a birthday, and instead of having a virtual drinks party like she did last year, she having a REAL LIFE PROM at Sew LA.  Why a prom?  Because what better chance to wear those fancy dresses that are NSFW.  And in order to have the kind of fun we should have had the first time around.  

Those of us that aren't lucky (unlucky?) enough to live in the greater LA area will have to make due by linking up virtually, for this year at least.  Maybe next year she and Ruggy'll be back on the East Coast and we can celebrate in a city that doesn't require a car to get around.   Because lord knows, there will have to be some designated drivers when Oona plans a party.

My men are out of town for a few weeks, so it's just us girls chez Another Sewing Scientist.  What's a mamma to do when she's called upon to party like it's Promaballoona 2012?  Why, put on her new gown (silk crepe, $6 from Guy Frenchy's thank you very much!), get the little monster hosed down and have a princess tea party.  

Please note that it took tremendous resolve on my part not to use Picmonkey's new Nip and Tuck feature.

How 'bout we get this party started?  
A splash of Mother's Little Helper (a.k.a. Hendrick's gin)? 
(click that link to enter Hendrick's Curiositorium)

A sip for the little princess, a sip for the queen

Happy Birthday Oona!  Sorry not to make your party in person, but as you can see, we've already started tearing it up in La Belle Province!
(I know that Quebec's legal drinking age is probably astonishingly low to you Americans, but even I think that 3 years old is pushing it.  I'll make sure she sticks to the juice boxes for a few years yet.)

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I'm just about caught up on my blog reading.  It only took 5 nights away on business and three sick days spent completely in bed with my laptop, but I've almost done it.

Nobody post anything for a day so that my eyes can rest.  M'kay?

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