Monday, 15 July 2013

A Sew Weekly Reunion!

If you read this blog, you surely know about The Sew Weekly:  I participated in 2011 as part of the weekly sewing circle and then was a contributor in 2012.  I managed to participate in 35/52 weeks last year, believe it or not.  That's a lot of sewing. 

And then it stopped.

Mena didn't continue the project, and although the site is still up as of today, there hasn't been any change since January 2nd:

So imagine my surprise when I saw an email pop up from Adey very late last night, inviting me to participate in the first Sew Weekly ReunionYou can read the whole story over there, but basically we are going to do a one-off challenge, announced on August 1st and posted by September 1st.  Come on and grab a badge and participate; everyone is invited this time around!

(Hmmmmm....I wonder what the challenge will be? I'm hoping for an "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery" rather than a colour challenge.  Sometimes I didn't have the colour needed for a challenge and I don't want to have to go fabric shopping when I have a storage shelf full.) 
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