Monday, 18 March 2013

Not to glorify busy, but...

...soooo much has been going on in my sphere of influence lately that blogging had gone down to the end of the "to-do" list.  After the Toronto meet-up, I went back to work just long enough to develop a new assay for our research project, interview and hire a new tech to work with me, then fly with my two kids to Florida to spend Spring Break with my parents at their winter house.

Shaky iPhone photo of a huge alligator. 
Should add that I was in a big boat, *not* swimming.

I didn't get any sewing done while I was down there, obviously, but I did manage to visit a Joanne's for the first time ever.  Man, do I feel sorry for people that live in the middle of nowhere and have only a Joanne's for fabric.  I mean, they have lots of quilting cottons, but there wasn't much of anything else there I would buy.  And there seemed to be an almost equal floor space devoted to scrapbooking, but perhaps that was just the Florida retirement town demographic being served.

My kids trying to coax a giant tortoise out of his burrow. 
Hard to see, but he's there.

Anyway, after an initial flurry of pins, the Map the Sewintists project is slowing down, but we are now up to >100K views and ~500 participants in the first month alone!  Astounding.  I've already received a few messages from people thanking me for putting them in touch with other sewists that they never knew of before.  Tanit-Isis was the first off the mark I believe, blogging about meeting with Trumbelina in the wilds of Saskatchewan.  I know that I'm going to make checking the map for pins part of my next trip planning session.  Ummm....probably back to Tampa for a few days of work at USF....any south Florida sewists reading?

View Map the Sewintists in a larger map
Sewing news?:  haven't been doing much, except catching up on the mountain of mending and alterations that I ignored last year while hanging with the Sew Weekly bunch.  And I don't think that a mend or a hem constitutes a minimum blogable unit, do you?  ;)

I *am* planning on doing a bit of sew-alonging with Tempest during her March Bowie Sew-Along.  Why don't you join in the fun too?

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