Wednesday, 28 May 2014

#NYLon2014 has both recharged and exhausted me

Buckle up my dears; this is going to be a photo heavy post:

I can't quite remember what possessed me to barge in on politely approach the NYC ladies and demand tentatively propose that I join them in London.  It was probably twitter.  Everything starts on twitter.  In any case, the combination of one week of holiday time that had to be used before May 31st, my man being home FOR A WHOLE WEEK to look after the kids, a British Airways seat sale, and the eternal temptation that is London, I jumped in.

And am I ever glad I got to join in the best meet-up evah.  Just look at the undeniable photographic evidence:

Leaving our flat for the meet up (from Rachael's Instagram)

The whole gang at the V&A (Kitty Wong Photography)
Jennifer, me, Clio, Rachael and Devra managed one group photo (Kitty Wong Photography)

iPhone snaps from the Tea Room at the V&A (from whence we were evicted not once, but twice)

Then we broke off into smaller groups and headed to Goldhawk Road:

Racing each other to Goldhawk Road (from Rachael's Instagram)

I bought almost all my fabric at Classic Textiles and the African Wax shop across the street

Swimming ladies cotton lining, silver stretch denim, 2X liberty prints and prawn wax cotton. 

Stopping to refuel, followed by more shopping

Then we went to the pub for some food….
….and drinks….
…and more drinks…..

….and more drinks….

(The rest of the photos are being withheld to protect the innocent.)

Rachael posted a roundup with Kitty Wong's great photos, attendee names and blogs, and a google survey to share more information about yourself.  Go check it out!  

And finally, if you really want to know why I go to all the meet-ups I can, read Devra's perfect summary here.  It's not about buying fabric:  we can do that anywhere.  It's about the great group of authentic people that you get to know in real life, sometimes better than those you see everyday.

See you next year for #NYLon2015?

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