Monday, 2 April 2012

Pattern illustrations, part deux.

So we are all familiar with the patterns from the '70s-'80s that featured already-famous people: Brooke Shields, Marlo Thomas, Marie Osmond...but once in a while I find a pattern with an uncredited model that makes me do a double-take.  
Like this one:
 I swear, that's got to be Drew Barrymore.  Am I wrong? 

(That little huichol style top is oh so cute....must buy....must make for my daughter....)


  1. I think so too. She was very cute.
    Mary in Thailand

  2. OMG! That does look like Drew Barrymore! Good eye you have...

  3. Nah, I was just watching E.T. the other night with my kids, so the little-kid version of her was fresh in my mind.

  4. Agree with previous post. See an image from ET, you'll see the difference. Brooke Shield was a child model from babyhood, Marlo Thomas' Dad was a comedian and had a situation comedy in 1950. "That Girl", with Marlo, was popular about the same time Sally Field was the Flying Nun.(early 60's)

  5. Hey! Are you mostly an often online user or maybe you prefer face to face communication?

  6. There's a model in the Simplicity? pattern catalogs in the 70s that looks just like susan sarandon.


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