Friday, 27 April 2012

You Rewards Open Permission of the Joint.

I've been doing a bit of sewing, but nothing much to write home about.  Well, I guess I'm writing from home about it, but anyway, you know what I mean.  I made a sparkly circle skirt for little miss princess:

(Please excuse the random cat, elbow and garbage bag in the photo.  Getting a shot of a toddler in focus and smiling is a Herculean feat, so you take what you can get.)


I made a Victory Patterns Hazel dress from polyester crepe.  This version is a bit of a bust because I need to add a bit of width through the upper back and upper arms, but I think it will look good once I've made the adjustments.

I'm keeping this photo small because it's pretty unflattering, but it's the only one that turned out half way decent, so you'll have to ignore the snooty face!

I'm working on this Burdastyle #108B, which I thought I bought just a few months ago, but now that I check, it was last May.  Where did that last year go?  Time really is logarithmic, not linear:

I got it basted together, when I noticed that the skirt panel was fine, but the bodice wouldn't meet in the back.  Head scratching ensued.  I had chosen the correct size, and I had even re-measured myself in centimetres to double check my measurements.  Then I put the pattern pieces on the floor and saw my mistake:

Yep, I cut the front centre bodice 2 sizes smaller than the back.  D'oh.

Moe moe helping out

My obvious mistakes aside, I'm kind of going off Burdastyle patterns lately; having to add seam allowance is a PITA, they don't have notches to help alignment, and the instructions are abysmal.  I think they must be written in German, and then just translated into the other languages using some free online tool.  As an experiment, I ran the english instructions though babelfish a few times, and seriously?  don't see much difference:

"...the permission of the edge of the former panel of the external panel extends. You rewards open permissions of the joint. Then it bends the side panels of the panel external with the posterior panels of the external panel and continuous the joint, bending together the permissions of the edge of the panels of the panel external of the posterior part and the former part in a straight line. You rewards open permissions of the joint. Corset of the — of item 5 Panel external of the point to dress corset. You rewards permissions of the joint in on. Zipper of the — of item 6 Cucia the zipper invisibile to support the edges of the slit. Qu' it bends the joint of the posterior part of I center edge more meanly to close with closing with flash...."

Of course. 

I'm always rewarded when I open permission of the joint.


  1. Lost in translation OH I love it. I have it on good authority from German friends that even there the instructions leave something to be desired.

    1. Damn; I was hoping it was a translational thing, and not a indifference to users thing. sigh.

  2. Doesn't it bend the joint of the posterior every darn time?!

    1. I think I pulled a muscle trying to follow those directions....I didn't even know I had a joint of the posterior.

  3. Brilliant. Post. Title.

    little miss princess is adorable, and watch out for those little miss princess seams on miss burda. they got some issues.

    (ps, how was i not following you yet?)

    1. I always read from my blog roll (not from Google Reader), so following per se isn't as important to me. As long as people comment, I know they're reading!

      I had to cut some curve off those princess seams, because I'm a founding member of the I.B.T.C. Easier than doing a FBA I'm sure.

      BTW, what the hell is going on with you and the internets this week?!? It's like all Oona all the time! Karen, Cindy, Lady D (whose real name I don't know yet)....are you doing a world tour?? ;)

    2. seriuosly, i almost got sick of MYSELF.

  4. Hazel looks pretty from what I can see - cute fabric choice, too! :) Burda instructions really are rather skimpy in German, too, but I wouldn't be surprised if they ran them through Babelfish...

  5. It's really funny how we are used to certain things - I hate substracting seam allowances from the American patterns :) And yes, the Buda intructions are bit scarce to say the least. I buy mine in Dutch (no other option here) and occasionally in Germany when I visit Cologne, they make bit more sense in those two languages at leat :)


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