Sunday, 15 May 2011

Why don't more men sew?

Peter posed this question in February.   Maybe because it's a "girl thing", maybe because they don't learn in school, maybe because their Mamas don't teach them, or maybe they just need a project that inspires them!

Enter the ninja.....

I showed him how to pin once, then he did the rest.  He must have been paying attention all those times I prepped on the living room floor.

Cutting was the hardest part for him because the scissors are too large for his little hands and he is left-handed to boot.  I wonder where I can find kids' left-handed fabric scissors? 

Rightly proud of his results

Ninja!  Complete with Cheerio box throwing star! 

I took these photos about 5 hours ago, and he hasn't yet taken it off.  I doubt I'll be able to get it off for bath time tonight either....

So how was your weekend?


  1. cutest thing! ever! awwwww! weekend was great, got a dress about 50 percent done! good question about guys, I think its because men dont see it as a man-worthy skill. it's all that gender role crap. I thought about it, and it's just much easier for women to cross gender roles and become a mechanic or a chef....but it's so much more stigma for a man to cross those lines and be a seamstress or a nurse....

  2. that is absolutely adorable! i feel like more men should sew, considering that a sewing machine is a motor-operated tool (much like most things you find in a garage).

  3. I started out my adult life as an engineering student, and I often think that sewing requires such a mechanical mind: how the machine works, how to fix it when it goes awry, how 2D pieces go together and form a 3D structure.... yet it is considered artistic rather than analytical. And we really know that it is both.

    Speaking of gender roles, my son also wants me to make him a Snow White dress, but this was an easier project for him to start on, and easier to squeeze into my daughter's afternoon naptime! We'll handle the dress when his skills improve a bit ;)

  4. So cute that you are encouraging him! I am an engineer, and I agree 100 percent with the skills you mentioned. I was just telling my husband that the 2D to 3D mind trick is the most valuable skill I learned in mechanical drafting class. I def use it WAY more than I use calculus!!!!

  5. cutting on the floor! YEAH! starting the sewing ninja off right! that is fabulous.

    thank you for your comment about my nan-- it made me very happy to think about you calling your nanny:)

  6. Awwww this is just too cute! I was attracted to your blog as I am also a sewing scientist - good to know there are others about :)

  7. Hi Kat
    Yes, there are a few of us out there...must be something to do with the mechanical mind looking for an artistic outlet. Take a look at my blog roll for some other great sewing scientists!

    I have actually been thinking about making myself a lab coat, since they are so boring and figure unflattering. Have you ever seen a pattern for a flattering lab coat? Has *anyone*?

  8. Hehe ive never looked for one, I'm not sure it would be possible but I'd love to be proved wrong! It would be a revelation!

  9. What an awesome little dude! I don't blame him not wanting to take it off, it's so cool!

  10. Great post - and success for your son!

    Can you tell me what the pattern is? My kids are interested in learning to sew for themselves and this looks like a good first project - plus good for dress up play!


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