Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Persistence pays off

I started this blog with a horror story.....oh the horror of vintage patterns being used as wrapping paper....

But there has been a happy turn to the story:  Now that I've cornered every volunteer at the shop, they all know they should save the patterns for the crazy lady who still makes her own clothes.  Every week or so I stop by and there is a nice little box waiting for me.  Any fugly ones get thrown back in the pile, destined to wrap someone's tea set, while the beauties come home to live with me!




And my faves: 
The red blouse with the stand-up collar?  Yes please!

I know this is maternity, but I think it could work anyway.

Saving this one to make for the spring

Very nice, but needs to be graded up.  IOW, I'll probably never get around to it...

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