Monday 3 October 2011

NYC Sew Weekly / Blogger Meetup

The photos will largely speak for themselves, so here we go:

from Debi

 from Marina:

from Oona:

(that's me in the middle back, wearing my pink floral pillowcase Pendrell blouse from my last post.  I'll get a better photo of it once it's retrieved from the bottom of my backpack.  And maybe washed and ironed.)

Some of the best parts of the day were finding out that I'm not the only one who sometimes resorts to shorcuts (see Mena's Sew Weekly regarding The Staples); getting to throw around some ideas for upcoming challenges; changing my mind about Colette Patterns Ceylon dress after seeing Cindy's version; eating and drinking in some great new-to-me NYC spots; and of course, seeing that everyone actually does exist IRL and I wasn't just lured down to NYC by some weirdo in a stained trench coat, posing as a fellow sewer.  seamstress.  person who sews.  whatever.  

here is the list of the lovely ladies (and gent) that were in on the day; you should go visit their blogs because if the fabric and patterns they got are any indication, there's gonna be some lovely things posted on the internets soon:

lisette of what would nancy drew wear?:  
cindy of crafter by night  
christine of daughterfish 
peter of male pattern boldness: 
nettie of sown brooklyn 
marina of frabjous couture:
and a few others whose blog addresses I don't have right in front of me and I'll have to add later!

 ....and this is what I came home to: 


Four days away means a kid cyclone at my house.  At least I know what I'll be doing for the next few days.  Aside from hosting the site visit for the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, of course.  Holy shit!  B&MGF!  I better get crackin'.


  1. erm, i *believe* the term is sewist. ahem.

    i am so very glad you hopped on that bus! and cindy's dress was a ceylon?! DAMN. why did i go for oolong over ceylon?!

  2. the meet-up was so. fabulous.!!!! I had a blast meeting you! Great photos...If you blow up the first picture you will see that I am intently examining that cupcake...heheheheheh!


  3. Hey---only the TV room was a tip. The dishes and laundry were done and the kids were intact. Glad that you have visual evidence of a great time fabricking and friending.

  4. So jealous! Looks like an amazingly fabulous time, sigh...

  5. @Tanit-Isis: Don't feel jealous! Didn't you read everyone else's posts?! It was a terrible time: Oona and Peter almost came to blows, Nettie left part way through the day and Lisette actually LEFT TOWN before the night was over because she could no longer stand our company, the waitress poured prosecco all over us, and the fabric shops tried to gouge us, like typical New Yawkers.
    (there, does that make you feel better? ;)

  6. Meeting you was a fabulous good time. We must do it again SOOOOOOOON :)


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