Sunday, 30 October 2011

If you really want to know.....

Marina of Frabjous Couture included me in her list of new-ish blogs that should be checked out.  Thanks Marina!  It was so great having lunch, shopping and having dinner (and drinks.  too many drinks.)  with you in NYC.  There were so many of us on the meet-up that we each only had a short time to talk; all the more reason to go back again, talk about sewing and learn more about each other.  In that vein, I am supposed to describe 7 interesting things about myself.  Hmmmm........

1)  I am a travel addict.  I've traveled independently in:  Canada, USA, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, UK, France, Belgium, Germany (both pre-and post unification), Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy (many times; worked there one winter), Greece, Austria, China, Hong Kong (both pre-and post handover.  That old arrival into Kai Tek airport was a true nail biter, but I'm glad I got to experience it before the new airport was built in 1998), Macau, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bhutan, South Africa, Botswana....I think that's it.  My dream trip would be overland from Kashmir, north through Pakistan and over the Karakorum pass into China.  However, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.  

2)  I have a phobia of flying.  I know, I's totally illogical, but it's been a monkey on my back for about 10 years now.  It doesn't stop me from flying; it just makes the process very uncomfortable.  I actually took a course at Montreal Trudeau airport in 2001 that included desensitization exercises, tours of the facilities and a "graduation flight" from Montreal - Toronto - Montreal.  It helped.  I never would have been able to travel alone as much as I have in the past 10 years without it.

3)  I studied sciences at University, but have always taken fine arts classes on the side, just to balance things out, so to speak.  I've taken classes in photography, graphic arts, sewing, fabric arts (batik, silk screening, dyeing), illustration and pottery.  I've also studied French and Italian at night, although I'm far from fluent.  I would love to find the time to learn pattern drafting or some higher level sewing skills, and Montreal would be a perfect place to do it.  What am I waiting for?.... 

4)  I am an atheist, but I've spent lots of time visiting cathedrals, temples and other places of worship all around the world.  Often the most astounding architecture is found in these places that were "built on faith".   (to quote Mr. Emerson of A Room with a View, "it just means the workers weren't paid properly!")  I've heard all the arguments that religion gives you a set of rules with which to live a good life, but those rules have to make sense in order to achieve those aims, don't they?  I've seen so much suffering and cruel behaviour done in the name of religion that I have a hard time swallowing it.  I know I'm probably going to deeply offend some people by saying this and lose some followers, but I never "unfriend" people on Facebook or stop following someone online when they make a religious statement that I flatly disagree with.  I think it's important not to close your mind to anyone, especially those with whom you don't agree!

5)  I learned to sew at around 6 years old on my mother's Singer Featherweight.  My parents are recently retired and doing a big clean-out of their house, so I asked her if I could have it.  Turns out she just gave it away to the thrift shop this spring!  Damn damn damn damn. 

6)  I grew up in a small rural town in Nova Scotia called Head of Jeddore.  It was less of a town than a stretch of houses along a road, but close enough to the capital, Halifax, to have had some city fun too.  I think it gave me a valuable mix of running-wild-in-the-country and learning-to-navigate-the-city skills.

7)  I love great food, high-end couture garments and a spotless house, but never make the time to create any of these things.  I guess I don't love them as much as I think I do... 

I'm going to link to all the Canadian sewing blogs that I read, because we may be few in number, but we're all awesome!  ;)

Tanit-Isis of Tanit-Isis Sews lives in Calgary and is also a sewing scientist (grad student) 
Heather of Sewing on Pins lives in Winnipeg now I think, and is definitely a sewing scientist
Erica of Experiments and Accidents lives in Halifax and is not a sewing scientist, but let's not hold that against her  ;)
Farah of Farah Makes Stuff lives in Toronto and posts great things made for herself, her daughter and son.
Suzanne of Beau Baby is an NYC transplant from Canada who posts great tutorials and patterns. 
Genevieve of Myrtle and Pearls lives here in Montreal and sells her collections at Unicorn (Montreal), Convent (NYC) and Victoire (Ottawa).  And just happens to be my cousin.  I'm waiting for her to make me a Black Mold Afternoon Tea Dress, and this is my passive-aggressive way to see if she's finished  ;)  If Genevieve doesn't read this, I'm sure Aunt Arlene will and pass on the message!  hahahahahaha

Go have a read and tell them I sent you. 


  1. Thanks for the mention. Damn shame about that Featherweight!

  2. 1) LOVE IT. Love that you are a fierce world traveler. I always admire and enjoy people who thirst for knowledge and experience :) Brilliant, I say.

    2) Totally agree with #4. 100%. Well, except for the "unfriending" part. I regularly purge my friend list during football season if people start talking smack. You are a better person than I :)

  3. Aww, thanks for the link! I'm another sewing atheist, too ;). It is odd that merely mentioning that feels like it might put people off, yes?

    I love traveling, but not on my own... I want someone to take me! My list is paltry compared to yours, though...

  4. @Suzanne: It's killing me a little bit to know that Featherweight is out there somewhere....hopefully someone was ecstatic to find it at the Value Village and is treating it lovingly.

    @Meg: Well, I have a few very good explanations for being such a travel addict: my mother was an Air Canada employee, so I got to travel for free anywhere AC flew; I knew it was a limited opportunity, and took full advantage of it. I've also never held a the type of job that prevented me from taking chunks of vacation time (or once, a 3 month leave of absence). Finally, I didn't have kids until I was 35, so that was a long adulthood of freedom before they came along! ;)

    @Tanit: I've had people say to me in an exasperated tone, "Well, you have to believe in *something*.....anything!". Really? Anything? As long as it involves some being(s) whose existance you can't question and someone else may be willing to kill you over? Now *that's* scary.


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