Friday, 1 July 2011

I love Sorbetto

Anyone who reads this blog is probably a member of Burdastyle or The Sew Weekly (because that's how you found me!), so you've probably seen me post this little project there.  If not, here are a few pictures of my tunic version of Sarai's Sorbetto, an easy sleeveless tank for beginners like me to mess around with.  Oona beat me to it and made a tunic version embellished with the trophies of her sworn enemy, whereas mine just has some old mismatched buttons.  I couldn't embellish with trophies from my sworn enemy because I currently don't have one.  

Oh, I had one:  a stray un-neutered tomcat that loved to spray the outside of our house, our car, garbage cans, kids' toys, stroller.... basically anything left outside was covered in cat piss and could be smelled a mile away.  Once spring rolled around, he started spraying through the windows of our house; once into the kitchen (eeew) and once into the living room, narrowly missing my sewing table (and patterns!).  I had to buy a new stroller for my daughter ($120!) because the old one was so stinky, even after repeated attempts to wash it, that I couldn't take it anywhere indoors without people remarking on the stink.     

My neighbour managed to trap him and sent him to the local cat shelter, thereby rendering the outside of my house tolerable again.  Not to mention my two NEUTERED female cats safe again from the constant attention  and ardent 4am cries. 

 Thanks Jay!  I have great neighbours.  On two sides anyway, but that's a different story.....


  1. Ooooh i love it! What a fantastic idea to make it into a tunic. I am very close to completing my first sorbetto (just need to buy more bias binding to finish a sleeve!). It's such a great pattern and can be adapted in so many different ways....what's not to like??!

  2. Thanks Kat - I am thinking that I should let go of my casual tank tops and replace them with more grown-up tops, so I may end up making some Sorbettos (Sorbetti?) in higher quality fabrics too.

  3. I really like this, a lovely print too.


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