Thursday, 16 June 2011

What I would be working on if I weren't feverish. Again.

Caftan cover-up from by Adey's tutorial here.  
Swahili translation needed for this voile scrap I picked up at VV.  The only Swahili speaker I know is out in the field now, and the closest I can get from online translation is, "One who talks to himself can't be wrong", but who knows if that's even close?  It could say something I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, so I'd better verify before I leave the house in it!

Simplicity 2591 in blue + white shwe shwe.  It looks black and white in this close-up, but that's just a photographic artifact. 

I'm off to bed with a mug of Neocitran and Project Runway Australia season 2.  Hope your evening is going better! 


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Got your question on my blog...I'm actually a social researcher (violence prevention and response research) not exactly the traditional sense of science :)

  2. what a lovely kanga. That is a great value village find. My parents are from Tanzania, and I love all things east African. I am looking forward to your finished project, as i have yet to find a good use for my African textiles.

    I asked my dad (he speaks so-so Swahili) what it means, he said:

    I am pretty sure it means "he who talks to himself a lot does not bore anyone" or "does not tire anyone".

    Kind of a funny thing to have on your clothes, but I guess most people wouldn't know what it means.

  3. @Debi: I still like your blog, even if you're not a scientist ;)
    @Farah: thank you! My institute has about 18 different languages, but for some strange reason, no Swahili speakers right now. And now I have the confidence to wear it, since everyone knows that mad scientists talk to themselves....bwa haha haha.

  4. Thank you for your nice comment!
    Actually, I am a sewing scientist too since I was an analytical chemist, although I haven't been in the lab for a while...!
    Your fabric has an amazing and unique print!


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