Sunday, 10 July 2011

Probably the first and last time knitting will be featured on this blog.

My kids love Miyazaki films:  

My Neighbour Totoro


Spirited Away 

and most recently, Howl's Moving Castle.  

Apparently there is a scene of knitting mice in Howl's Moving Castle.  It could be some other Miyazaki-type creature, but one way or another, Oscar watched it and then wanted to learn how to knit.  Enter Nana:

He got about three stitches done when his interest was captured by something else, being the 5 year old boy he is. But he keeps those needles in the kitchen and periodically asks me to show him how to knit again.  We'll see if it sticks. 


  1. I think the knitting (I believe it involved a mouse/hamster, a bird, and the faceless monster) was in Spirited Away (although the girl in Howl's Moving Castle makes some lovely hats...)

    ... yes, we love the Miyazake, too.

    My seven-year-old was knitting for about five minutes last winter sometime. This was hard because I only barely remember how to knit myself. However, both of my kids will intermittently start finger-crocheting everything they can get their hands on...

  2. I think the knotting / knitting must be a developmental stage that kids go through, because he is into knotting anything he can. He is always asking me to make knots I learned from sailing or Girl Guides, and then he tries to tie things together in the same way!
    I wasn't sure which Miyazaki film it was, because usually I use their film-induced coma to do selfish things like clean the house, do laundry, etc. ;)

  3. I've been trying to get my son to knit for years. he won't. He is always moving and fidgeting so I thought it would be a good way to channel that energy. But, he can't focus on it. oh well, maybe my daughter will be interested.

  4. What other people call ADD I think is often just LBD (Little Boy Disorder)! They are so wiggly and their minds skip from one thing to another all day, impossible to pin down, but I think it is a natural state of being for them. As my friends say, soon enough they will just be locking themselves in their rooms and grunting for communication, so I try to enjoy the wiggly insanity while it lasts ;)

    I remember at his age sitting quietly next to my mother as she taught me how to sew and knit and embroider, and I would spend hours concentrating on one tiny thing. So different...

  5. So fun! Share small moments of pleasure with your child ....


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