Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Geneology for IAAT

OK, so Katja gave me some press by including me in the IAAT meme that was going around last month.  Then I had to do my taxes.  Then I went to Cuba.  Then I joined Sew Weekly.  Then I made a bunch of stuff with them.  Then I got caught up in the daily get up-get the kids ready for daycare-get to the lab-get to the High Throughput Centre before it's too late-get home-get the kids from daycare- dinner - bath - bed - read too many blogs-fall asleep on the sofa that is my daily routine these days.  So better late than never, here are some of my favourite blogs that I think you should check out:

Academomia:  a great blog about being an academic and a mom (duh; I guess that was obvious from the title; guess I'm too tired from trying to be an academic and a mom at the same time)
Wry and Ginger:  a fellow sarcastic Nova Scotian.
verypurpleperson:  I'm sure you all know Novita, but I recently went back and read all her posts, right from the beginning.  Totally worth it.
mokosha:  new blogger with a cool site.
my other blog:  mostly family photos for the grandparents back home on both coasts.  I may be one of only 5 people on the planet that is interested in looking at countless photos of my yard apes, but whatever.

I won't pass it on to these blogs because one is me, two are non-sewing and will wonder what the heck is going on, and everyone already knows Novita and she's probably gotten every blog link out there.  Also, I think the red carpet season is over now that we're getting hail and thunderstorms.  But you should definitely go look at these blogs, because they are all that for a variety of reasons.

In lieu of passing it on, I'm passing it back:
I got my link from Katja  Of Dreams and Seams, who nominated these bloggers...
  1. Honigbärenbiene
  2. Another Sewing Scientist
  3. Yoshimi the Flying Squirrel
  4. Farmhouse Garden
  5. Pedilu
...and she got it from Oonaballoona oonaballoona from kalkatroona (and roxietoxl too) ...who nominated these bloggers.....

"  emilykate: emily kate, beth: modern jax, reana louise: curves pattens and pins, katja: of dreams and seams, laurwyn: quirky pretty cute, lisette: what would nancy drew wear, and meg, of meg the grand, who actually awarded me a stylish blogger award, because as i have stated before i am so very awesome. and bratty. bratty enough to take the award, but not so awesome that i can think of seven more facts.
(but i can think of more blogs. want more sassiness? debijorthdontanit-isispatty. oh go have a look at my links list, godsakes.) "

....who got it from the originator Beangirl at beangirl: the blog

Angie A. at Quality Time
Big In Japan at Big In Japan
Laura at Edgy June Cleaver
Heather at Li’l Miss Muffet
Tanit-Isis at Tanit-Isis Sews
Oonaballoona at Oonaballoona From Kalkatroona

So if you like reading too many blogs and falling asleep on the sofa, by all means, make like anothersewingscientist.....

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