Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Unworn pillowcase dress

After last week's pillowcase challenge fail, I decided to redeem myself and whip up the ubiquitous pillowcase dress for Tashi.  30 minutes, a 50 cent pillowcase and some leftover notions = one supercute dress.  

Only problem is she fought like a demon against wearing it this morning. 
Maybe she'll come around (like she did for the '70s calico skirt I made her), or maybe not. Either way, pillowcase challenge done and done.   


  1. This is so adorable. I love it! So when are we going to see S2591?

  2. Ah ha! You must be a mind reader because I'm cutting out right now. I tried a version a few weeks back, but the fabric was too stiff and it just wasn't working; then got caught up in preparing for a conference, so I was just doing instant gratification projects to get my mojo back ;) I'll post soon!

  3. It's so pretty - even though the intented wearer of the dress doesn't think so. How old is she? She sounds a bit like the L, she also has a strong oppinion when it comes to clothes (or everything in fact... I hope it's a fase and not a foresight on how teenagehood will be)

  4. Thanks! I like it a lot better than she does, but I thought the fabric would be better suited to a 2 year old than a 41 year old!
    Two years old, and has started the NO and the WHY stage simultaneously. Yay for me. Otherwise she is the best kid on earth, at least according to me ;)


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