Sunday, 12 June 2011

Boring Top

This should have been my challenge.  I'm a linens addict.  I can't pass by a loud, mid-century top sheet or pillow case at Value Village.  They call out to me.  It's kind of weird.  Here's a sampling of a few I have in my stash (and by stash, I mean pile of stuff in the corner of the basement that looks like a garbage tip):

And since I'm airing my (un)dirty laundry, I have to confess that the pink,white and brown daisy print in the upper left-hand corner was made into a skirt by putting an elastic in the top and actually wearing it out of the house.  Once.  

And here's a muslin for a '40s dress that I've had hanging on the wall for around 4 months.  I can't decide if it's too much sheet to be a dress.  Farah made a great dress a few challenges back from this exact sheet, and hers looks great.  Hmmm......

I even made a pillowcase tunic last week before Mena announced the challenge, so I thought I would whip something up in 30 min. max.  Aaaaaaand then I made this:


Does this face say "Meh" loud enough?

I thought it would look cool and crisp, but it just ended up looking like a pillowcase with blue bias bindings.  And into the donate bag she goes.

To counteract the blahdom of that top, here's the sorbetto tank I made a couple of weeks ago from an old sheet and some thrifted narrow bias tape:

(note to self:  get a better camera and stop taking grainy flash photos at night.)


  1. Looks good. Glad you were able to squeeze in something between full-on parentitis.

  2. Well, I'm glad someone is rescuing those "vintage linens"! If it helps, I don't think the blue-flower-embroidered top screams pillowcase at all. And the Sorbetto is super-extra cute.

    Someday I'll stop taking grainy flash pictures, too. Probably just in time to get an awesome camera that can actually do them ;).

  3. Yeah, I've been using my son's $90 pocket camera balanced on the stereo. I should upgrade, but I'm cheap. Hey Bruce? Xmas gift hint hint ;)

  4. all looking very cute, even if you don't think so!!

  5. they are cute. we used to recycle flower sheets into dresses at nokomis but somehow you could never quite bleach the people stink out of those sheets :)

  6. There is a very particular Value Village smell, isn't there? I'm not sure if it's some kind of fumigant or cleaning product they use, but I always feel like I need a shower after a good haul at VV. I usually manage to get the smell out with a couple of washes in Tide; if it kills cloth diaper smell, it'll work on anything! :P

  7. I kind of like the boring one. Maybe you should try dying it? I noticed in another post that you mentioned Value Village on Sources. Made me feel nostalgic since I grew up in D.D.O. And Centennial Plaza was one of the first places I was allowed to go with my friends. That was before Village des Valeurs though! Thanks for the rewind moment.


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