Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unfinished Object and a Fabric Mystery

 This will be a quick post since I'm watching three kids and one is on my lap.  

I haven't finished my latest project this week, but it wasn't for lack of time.  I decided it just couldn't exist without a lining, and I knew I had some lining fabric around here somewhere, so I went on a hunt.  And I finally found it yesterday in the garbage bag of stinky woolens from The Best Estate Sale Ever.  A quick wash and dry and now I'm ready to cut and sew in the lining.

 She needs a bit of alteration in the deriere.....
...but I'm pretty happy with the pattern matching on the back slit and the sides.  When I was rooting through the stinky bag and found the lining fabric, I also found these interesting textiles and decided to throw them in the washer + dryer too.  I've never seen this type of satin before, have you?  It is silky on one side and what appears to be cotton flannel on the other.  
 I have four lengths of it, in these nice rich colours.  The royal blue is 3.5m long (!), but the other three are only short 1m scraps.  What would you suggest for these mystery fabrics?......

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  1. You sure have some beautiful fabrics! Ill have to read about that estate sale. Thanks for linking up!
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  2. ok, seriously? that is going to be one FABulous skirt!

    Also, those are (from your description), "flannel-backed satin". Typically used for making bathrobes and such.

  3. Love the skirt!! Fabulous addition to any ensemble!

  4. Wow, that skirt is going to be fabulous! And some very promising looking fabrics there too; in an absolutely yummy range of colours :)

  5. Mystery fabrics!!! This is often used as a lining for coats - I had a vintage coat that had it - it is so warm. The satin is probably poly or acetate. Here is a link to a store that sells similar ones

    The skirt is beautiful! And thanks for linking on my blog! Looking forward for updates from you!

  6. Thanks Marina - that makes sense because it was bagged with various weight woolens, some of which matched the colours.
    But Beangirl, I think I would use it for something else, since I'm not making coats!


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