Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Why, hello there beautiful.

We wrote our letters to Santa over the weekend, and Christmas came early for Mama this year.
I had to crank out the waist and hips to the max and lengthen the torso as far as it could go, but now she's my perfect body double.  See?

 And she's already helping me with today's project:
So is Moe
This is a 1.5m length of machine-made brocade that I bought in Laos almost 9 years ago.  In my mind, it was cotton blend, but now that I've pulled it from the bottom of my stash and taken a good look, I realize it's a nasty 100% synthetic.  Well, what do you expect for $2?  I thought about lining it to give it a bit more class, but I'm short on lining fabric, believe it or not.  How did that happen with a shelf full of textiles?  I guess I can always tack one in later or wear a slip if I need it.  

When I asked Santa for a dress form, I suggested that he should just look in someone's attic, since attics seem to be lousy with dress forms, if film and television is to be believed.  Oh, and rocking horses, antique bird cages and trunks full of old wedding dresses.  When we're watching a movie, we always make bets on how long before one of these symbols pops up when the hero enters an attic......wait for it.....wait for it......oh look, a dress form.  NOW we know that hero is in an old attic.  Thanks for clearing that up for us.  We also laugh at how every forest in which a character gets lost is full of woodpeckers, pecking away furiously.  And all films about non-white groups of people have to have a main character that is white.  We started sarcastically calling it The White Bridge.  *rolling eyes*  I'm looking at you Beyond Rangoon, Blood Diamond and The Last King of Scotland.  
  Where was I?  Oh yeah, letters to Santa:
     (you can see that my daughter asked for TWO BIG GIRL PINK GUITARS!! and my son just made a long list of numbers, which correspond to all the Playmobile kits he NEEDS.  


  1. Oh! I'm jealous! I need a form. I'll be curious about how you like this one. Is it a Singer?

  2. HA! Love your letter to Santa!! heheheeh. Great dress form! oh and Moe is such a cutie!!!

  3. It's a Diana brand dress form, which is the only type sold at my local Fabricville. I've been scouting around online for a local second hand form, but with no luck. You'd think that with the garment industry here in Montreal, there would be lots for the taking, but they are A)too expensive or B) not adjustable, and having a top 2 sizes smaller than my bottom means I need the adjustable form! (I'm also losing some girth, so I'll need to take her in later) I'll let you know after I've used it for a bit, but for now, I love having a clone to pin prick.

  4. @Debi: my man should have gotten a PhD in present shopping, because he always gets everyone the right thing. (though I guess it's easy when I leave the letters to Santa on the dining table.....)

  5. Well Santa has been kind, hope my luck is in this year as well, although I already have my own lady who is called Bridget (Jones ofcourse, the closted way I could imgaine myself with Mr Darcy) !

  6. LOVE your dress form - yay Santa! And you are totally right about the movies...of course it's an attic if a dressform is there! I am going to look for this in every movie from here on out. The letters to Santa are hilarious :)

  7. Yay, you! I'm pretty sure that no storebought form is going to match my measurements (unless, perhaps, I get a large child's one and pad the bust a teeny bit...) Glad your present is coming in handy already :D.

    I wish I was organized enough to save my kids' Christmas lists. They're awesome.

  8. and how much do i love that the letter starts happy birthday santa.

    YAY DRESSFORM! this means there's ample room on the list for all the new notions you'll need for her, yes?


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