Monday, 14 November 2011

Giveaway Winners and a Fabricville haul

The good thing about reading a blog with a small number of followers means that your chances of winning something in a giveaway are great; therefore by that logic, everyone should follow a newish blog and enter the giveaways.....wait, I think there is a flaw in that logic somewhere.....
Without further ado, here are the winners of my first ever giveaway:

1)  Pattern: Simplicity 8729
Winner by default = Vala of  ;)  Glad you could see through the girlishness and that you'll be able to make a Victorian piece from it.

2:  Pattern: McCall's 3416

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Winner =  Josephine the blogless Girl Guide, who I hope will be able to swallow the back-handed pattern description and come out looking elegant, safe in the knowledge that she has more class than the McCall's copy writers.
3)  Fabric:
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Winner = Angela of  RiAnge Creations.  I know she'll be able to make something of it that will make me jealous and regret giving her this fabric.  ;)  
Vala and Josephine, please send me your mailing address to my email above and I'll get those patterns mailed out to you this week.  Angela, I think I still have your mailing address around here somewhere, but if I can't find it, I'll contact you. 
(Please excuse the way I had to cut-and-paste the generator.  I'm working on my man's Mac because my PC died, and I can't get the little window copied properly.  Also, I don't know why they Max value switched from 7 to 100 when I pasted it, but whatever.  It generated properly, so that's all I care about.)
I had one reader (Kay) that I included in the giveaway who sent me an email because she said couldn't comment on my blog; does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?  I thought of switching to a pop-up comment format, but I can't locate the section on blogger to make the change.  Any help for someone like me with a technology developmental delay?

Again, thanks for reading and commenting over the past year!  I started keeping a blog as a way to have a blog roll to see all those people I follow, a place to keep photos and to track my progress.  I didn't check the comments section of my blog for months because I just assumed that I was the only one reading, so I had to apologize to several people for totally not noticing their comments / questions until months later!  Now I know that I should check every day.  It is so encouraging to know that when I have a question, someone will answer and more importantly, when I need an opinion, you're all there with honest ones!  


In other sewing related news, there was a semi-annual sale at Fabricville this weekend, and I was there bright and early to fight over the deals with all my fellow sewists.  This cohort, at least in the Montreal West-Island area seems to consist of this type: 

(I apologize if you are a fan of quilted cat vests; I also apologize if you are super-hip and you were at the sale too; I just didn't run into you there!) (wow, that's three apologies in one blog post so far.  The stereotype about Canadians must be true....sorry....)

For $40, you can get a Fabricville 3 year elite membership that gives you everyday discounts on fabric and notions (not that great IMO).  The better deal is that it does get you Simplicity + New Look patterns for $1 each during their sales; buy 1m fabric and get 2m free, and discounts on tools such as dress forms and machines.  They also threw in a coupon book that covered the cost of my notions.  I showed great restrain this time around by only buying the following patterns and not going bonkers in the fabric bolts (see here concerning my fear that my fabric stash is turning into a fabric hoard):
I have some issues with regular lab coats, so I thought I'd break down and make my own, since I'm still on strike and all.  Now any of you who works in an environment that requires safety garments will immediately see that this lab coat is not up to code.  There are no closures on the front, and what good is a lab coat if it's going to be flapping open, allowing all that gore and caustic chemical to splash your street clothes?!  It's almost as if the designer had never spent any time doing benchwork in a real lab.  Sheesh.  Well, it's a quick fix to add allowance on the front closure and some well placed buttons.  Also, has anyone else noticed that lab coats don't have a button right at breast level, so they gape?  It's almost as if lab coats were designed for men......oh wait..... (and don't get me started about trying to find a lab coat to fit during my pregnancies).  

I just gave away my copy of Simplicity 4044 to Charlotte in the Sew Weekly pattern swap, so now it's back in my greedy grasp.  

I wasn't sold on the Lisette Portfolio  until I saw so many great ones online. 

And some others that grabbed my attention because did I mention, 10 patterns for $10!

Whew.  That was a long post.  I think I'd better go outside and get some vitamin D while the sun is still shining.  17C today?!  What is this, September?!


  1. Oh My Goodness! My co-workers are wondering what I'm so happy about. It is Monday, after all. Thank you so much! Looks like you've been going through my pattern collection. LOL. With the exception of 3342 and 2245, I've got those patterns as well. It's hard not to buy them when the prices are so reasonable. I don't deny having a stash anymore. Stash, Collection whatever you call it, I have it. A lot of it! Maybe next year, I can make a serious dent in it.

  2. Wow! That's a great deal! Man, i wish I could find patterns that cheap!

    I have those amazing fit pants. Been putting off making them for well over a year now. Maybe if I see you doing it, I'll get over my trousophobia?

    Heh, probably not.

  3. Wow thank you I can'nt believe I am a winner. I will email you my address. I also have have simpilcity 2154 and the fabric, waiting in my to do pile. Around here my 'stash' is know as the hord, as my kids recon I am bordering horder/obsessive on all sewing things.

  4. Congratulations to your winners! The thing about Fabricland/Fabricville memberships is that they bring the fabrics down to normal prices :P. I try not to pay more than 40% off for anything there...

    I have been toying with the idea of making my own special lab-coat, too. I don't wear them all that often, but it would be nice to just have, I think. Whenever I watch doctor-dramas on TV I am envious of their stylish, well-fitting white coats.

  5. Wow! This is most definitely the highlight of my week. I am absolutely in love with the McCall's pattern, I have been since I first saw it on your blog. My pattern stash is wildly out of control with lots to pick from, but this pattern just went to the top of my list of sewing projects.
    My e-mail address is tillythecat(at)hotmail(dot)com.


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