Friday, 1 April 2011

Cape Town to Canada (hopefully a continuing series)

Yay!  I finished my Venda skirt.  It only took me 3 evenings to get it sewn (what should have been about 3 hours total for a regular, childless person).  Here I am checking out the great deals available next week at Fabricville:  Dress forms for $200!  5 patterns for $5!  Buy 1m fashion fabric get 2 free!  You know where I'm going to be on April 4th.  

I love that the stripe ended up on the hem, which meant that I could sew very carefully in the 1mm white stripe on my machine.  No hand hemming!  Yes!

Here's a "Sewing Scientist in Action Shot":  me and a colleague running our assay on the High Throughput robot today, hoping to get a drug lead from our natural compound fraction library.  We have been waiting weeks to get our hands on this robot.  Nerdgasm. 


  1. I love your skirt! Colours are great too. I also have the same sewing time, an hour here an hour there (if I'm lucky).

  2. Thanks so much! As usual, I am having un-buyers remorse, and wish I had bought more of this Venda fabric. I tend to *not* buy things and then regret it, rather than the inverse.

    (For instance, I really liked Simplicity 2591, but didn't buy it because it was ~$16 at Fabricville, but now I see cute versions everywhere in blogland and it's OOP, and I can't find it anywhere for less than $27 online! Yikes. Un-buyers remorse!)

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