Monday, 18 April 2011

Simplicity 2591? Are you out there?

Ok, I should have bought it before it went OOP.  But it wasn't available at my local Fabricville, and I didn't want to pay $17 shipping from the US.

Then I saw laceumbrella's version.

Then stitchywitchy's

Then Farah's

And of course Adey's

and these:  here and here and  here!

Now I can't find it anywhere.  Checked all the pattern stores in Montreal.  Checked etsy.  Checked ebay.  It's only available on, but it will cost me ~$30US.  Ugh.  And may be slapped with extra taxes and duty at the border by Canadian Customs.  Ugh.

Damn damn damn damn.  Anyone have #2591 (cut or uncut) that they want to sell me?  Please?


  1. sorry I don't , but I'll keep my eyes open for you.

  2. actually I don't think I will, I have taken a double look and noticed how cute the pink dress is, if I find it I know I would want to keep it for myself!! (I am just joking tho)

  3. It is a fantastic pattern - i would give you mine, but I have every intention of making it again.

  4. "Damn you Simplicity! Damn you!"

    *shakes fist at sky like a crazy old lady*

  5. I've got it. I am a crazy old lady. Not sure it would suit me now. You can have it. PM me your info.

  6. Ange = angel en fran├žais, and that's what you are RiAnge! You made my day!

  7. I tried to email you, thanks for the comment on my blog. That story about the bed sheet is HILARIOUS!! I wonder if Value Village has a warehouse full of these somewhere?

    I wan't sure about using it for a dress at first, I though it looked too much like a bed sheet, but I am glad I did. I would love to see yours, if you ever post it.

  8. Sorry Vicky, I can't help you with that. BUT I am passing an award on to you - one of the coolest yet: the IAAT Award! Come grab it at:
    if you wish :-) Happy Easter!

  9. Vicki, I literally *just* bought this pattern from Simplicity on their website. Did you try there?

  10. It would have cost me $30US plus whatever random amount that customs wanted to add at the border (I've had up to 30% added on to items I bought from the US!), so I was too cheap to spend that much just on a pattern. Luckily RiAnge came to my rescue and I now have the pattern in my sweaty little hands.

  11. i've just started sewing and fell in love with images of this dress i saw in pinterest! hoping to find patterns i can buy. please let me know if you have any to sell or any links or leads. desperate. :(


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