Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Inspired by Childhood Sew Weekly Challenge

1976 - Grade 1

Over at Sew Weekly, the inspiration this time around is Photos from Childhood.  Since I don't have very many photos at my place, and my parents are traveling and can't send me any right now, you'll just have to let your mind wander back to the '70s.....calico, bohemian, handmade, macrame, crewel embroidery... Everyone's Mom made their clothes and they all wore wrap-around skirts like this Simplicity 7876.  In fact, I think my Mom *did* have this pattern way back when.

So here's my version:  2011 does 1976.

Super fun to take these photos, but I have to find another backdrop to use.  That bookshelf is so visually busy (and messy.  I should really do a spring cleaning.  Yeah, that's going to happen sometime soon.)

Sewing notes:  I shorted by about 8" because it was too stiff and dumpy looking.  Because it had a lining, I was able to turn all the seams inward to give it a clean, finished look.  I made one for my daughter, but trying to get her into it this morning was like trying to dress one of the cats.  She *really* doesn't like the boho style. Only 2 and full of such strong fashion opinions son OTOH told me that I looked beautiful and he wanted to see how I was going to finish the hem, so I may start teaching him to sew a bit.  I was only about 6 when my Mom started letting me use her Singer Featherweight in 1976.

ps.  Oops, forgot to add the Sewing Through the Decades countdown!

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  1. This is the cutest photo idea, and the skirt came out so nice as well. You got those poses down pat!

  2. I stole the idea from someone on Burdastyle (I can't remember who). It looked so cool that I wanted to copy it, and it was easy to do, even for someone like me who doesn't have Photoshop!

  3. love the photos, good job on the skirt too. I'm glad to see your a girl of the 70s, me too.

  4. Oh yes, I still have a soft spot for all things hippie. I bought this pattern the other day from etsy and my man made a shuddering sound when he saw it:
    Men. No taste whatsoever. ;)

  5. OMG! I learned to sew with that Simplicity wrap skirt pattern.



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