Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What I'm working on (and why it takes me weeks to make anything)

In my Cape Town post, I showed some photos of the gorgeous fabric I bought there.  My favourite was an orange stripey Venda cotton.  My friend helping me shop is from Zimbabwe, so she immediately identified it, even though the tag said that it was printed in ZW (ZM is the usual abbreviation for Zimbabwe, isn't it?).  It was getting toward the end of the day, and my suitcase was getting packed tighter and tighter, so I only bought 1.5m.  When I got home, I though, "What can I do with 1.5m....hmmmm....a pleated skirt".  And so I started:

1.  I ripped an 8 inch strip from one end,

2.  Then I cut the main fabric in two along the printed stripe....wait, Tashi, I'm trying to take a photo.... 

No!  Don't walk on Mamma's fabric!

No!  Don't pull that piece....Oh, for the love of monkeys....

Then I had to clean up a whole bottle of these that were dumped on the floor:

If you've ever tried to clean up sprinkles, you know it is an impossible task.  They fly everywhere, they are very hard to sweep, they evade the vacuum, they stick to your feet and make you yell, "No more sprinkles in this house!", like a crabby Mamma.  I'll post the finished skirt when I get a few evenings to myself.  


  1. I feel your pain!:) Cute little tyrants, they are.

  2. Makes me wonder what I did with all that free time before I had kids. I could have taken over the world, and still had time to sew!


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