Thursday 21 February 2013

I'm not saying this will work, but give it a try

Good morning everybody.  Can I just say again how astounded I am that this project has been so popular.  I guess there really was an unfulfilled need for something like this to bring our virtual community together in real life.  If this leads to meet-ups and collaborations, please let me know!

Of course, I showed this to someone who isn't part of the sewing community, and his first response was, "What, you're doing this for free?"  *rolling eyes*

So in my last post, I lamented being such a technical noob and not being able to design a button.  (Hey, I can run $1 000 000 high throughput equipment, but a simple bit of code makes me run in the other direction.)  Rochelle of Lucky Lucille made this great image, and then Tempest of fanbloomingtastic turned me on to this awesome Grab My Button generator (is it just me, or does that sound kind of NSFW?).  Anyway, long story short, here is my first attempt at making a button with real html code.

Perhaps the next time I try to launch a project like this, I should do a little homework up front.  Oh, and not start it on one of my busiest weeks of the year.  :P

Use at your own risk. 

Another Sewing Scientist

<div align="center" style="padding: 5px;"><img src=""  title="Another Sewing Scientist" alt="Another Sewing Scientist" /></div><textarea style="background:#f0f0f0;border:solid 1px #cccccc; color: #777777; font-size:100%; height: 50px; margin:auto; text-align: left; padding: 2px 0 2px 5px; display: block;  width: 90%;">&lt;div align="center">&lt;a href="" title="Another Sewing Scientist"&gt;&lt;img src="" alt="Another Sewing Scientist" style="border:none;" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/div></textarea>


  1. Love the button! It's a bit, err, large when I try to put it on my blog. Can anyone tell me how to resize it to something smaller? Oh, and Chicago bloggers have found each other and we're planning a meet-up for later this spring! Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. Thanks so much for setting up this map project. It has taken the sewist blogging world by storm! Thanks also to Rochelle for the button!! I installed it onto my blog tonight. Since Wordpress can be a little, um, different, I just plugged it in as an image widget, using Rochelle's URL for the .jpg source and the ...Goes Live post as the 'link URL', bringing the button clicker to the right place. For you Wordpress people, the image widget option will save you a lot of headaches. Contact me if you need help. Everyone else, enjoy the socialness. Happy Sewing. Happy Meetups!!

    1. Great advice! I was already scratching my head on how to import it since it looked so off using wordpress! Thanks a lot!

  3. I just posted a comment on your initial Sewintists map post, but juuuust in case ya didn't see it I hope you and others looking to start sewing meetups will check out this new site:


    I'm glad the map idea has taken off, though! So great to see so many little blue pins everywehere!

  4. Hi Vicky! Super nice meeting you yesterday! I hope you had a nice trip back and that you were able to sleep -- or at least get some good jazz!! Here are the pictures from the meeting. Talk soon!

  5. Thak you, thank you! This is a great project. :-))

    I hope there will be more pins around my little corner of the world, though. :-)))


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