Saturday 1 December 2012

Stitching Simplicity 8498

A week or so ago, I read this post by Tanit-Isis and casually commented that I had just bought the same pattern, I thought that Nettie had too, and wouldn't it be funny to do a little Simplicity 8498 runway show?  Not that any of us live close enough.  Not that any of us are women of leisure with so much free time around the end of the year.  Not that any of us are childless, work-less, grad-school-less layabouts who have nothing better to do than sew all day.


An idea was born, a flurry of emails followed, and T said let's do it!  Well, I'm nothing if not willing to over commit, so I'm in.

Who else is with us?  Do you have this pattern?  Do you have the reprint (Simplicity 3833)?  Do you have soooooo much free time just before Christmas and can't think of what to do with it?  Let us know, and you can join in the virtual runway. Keep your eye on our blogs and we'll let you know when we've all managed to squeeze some free sewing time out of the pre-Christmas rush and when we're ready to host our Simplicity 8498/3833 virtual runway show! 

Tempest has certainly mastered the reprint version with this '60s psychedelic mini, and I think I'll follow suit - I've got some itchy vintage double knit paisley print just calling out to me.  If you're more inclined to make the glamorous full length brocade version with sequined trim, I'll leave you with a photo from one of my late '60s Simplicity Fashion News magazines:

This page is actually printed slightly askew, hence the blurriness.  Check out the hem, where you can see the colour didn't line up when printed.  Hey, these were free pamphlets printed on newsprint; what are ya gonna do?


  1. what a great collaboration/product. I can't wait to see the different versions of this dress you ladies make!

  2. Oh yeah!!! It's bad that I want to ditch all my other Christmas sewing for this, right?

  3. Lucky for me, I don't have any Christmas sewing to do!!! All the sewing will be for ME!! :p

  4. As much as I love the idea of a long, brocade, sequin-trimmed evening gown, I know I would wear it once (maybe). I think I'm going to have to go short and neutral if there is any hope of making it a wardrobe staple. Well, maybe not neutral. I have a few lengths of great '60s vintage fabric with crazy prints that may just work....

  5. I could totally see you rocking a sequin brocade gown, Vicki - it would be perfect for the next time you and I meet up in NYC - amirightorwhat? I love that all of you are making the same pattern - a completely brilliant sew along!

  6. I wore this pattern made into a bridesmaid dress in the late 60's (dating myself much?), then later beaded the bodice for a Mardi Gras ball gown. Double-dipping!

  7. I was just over at Nettie's saying what a fab idea you three have come up with. Can't wait to see your different versions. If you do it again next year, I'm in :P


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