Sunday, 23 December 2012

A favourite revisited

This was my Sew Weekly post, but it didn't go up.  If it eventually does, I'll link to it here, but for now, here ya go:


The Facts:
  • Fabric:  Cotton from my MIL's stash = $0
  • Pattern:  Simplicity 5828 =$0
  • Year:  1970
  • Notions:  none
  • Time to complete: about 4 hours because it was sewn in stolen moments; if sewn straight through, it would only take about 2 hours.
  • First worn: Immediately
  • Wear again: Constantly, in rotation with my first version
  • Total cost: $0

OK, so technically I didn't sew this pattern this year.  I made it late last year, but that tunic is the me-made garment that I've worn the most this year.  I wear it everywhere, especially when travelling because it can double as a minidress or a tunic over leggings, depending on the weather and the modesty needed.  It's cotton, so it washes and dries easily, and it has enough of a print to hide minor travel dirt, if push comes to shove.  It's also the me-made garment that seems to be the most universally familiar to others, and it seems to fit in everywhere:  I've had Indian colleagues compliment me on this "kurta", African colleagues compliment me on this "kaftan", and European colleagues compliment me on this "kinda hippie minidress".

Evidence of it's very heavy wear over the last year, both at work and play:

And good news:  my serger is working again, so I can go back to serging seams!  I didn't get it serviced, but simply gave her a good cleaning and readjustment of all the buttons and knobs (Who knows what they do?  I just twiddle them until I get the results I want.  Not very scientific of me, I have to admit, but it works.  Usually.)

I got this pattern for free during the NYC meetup last year, where I got to meet fellow Sew Weekly-ers Nettie, Meg, Oona, Debi, Mena, as well as a load of other fun-loving sewists (evidence here).  Although this pattern may not seem like a winner at first glance, believe me when I say it's a great one; ignore the ric-rack horror of the envelope cover photograph and look at the cooler-than-thou woman with the micro-mini in the illustration instead.  I added some length to the pattern, believe me.

A word of explanation about the blurry featured photo:  I finished the tunic on Sunday night, and we were forecast to have our first ice storm of the season on Monday, so I thought I'd better grab an indoor shot just in case the ice arrived before I could get a photo outside in the morning.  Arrive it did.  An ice storm is certainly beautiful, but not conducive to outdoor fashion shoots.

This early morning lab runway collage will have to do!  ;)

Happy Chanukah!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays to everyone!
Stay warm and dry.  Seriously.


  1. Love it! So cool you got it at our meet-up! I love the lab runway shots too! :)

  2. Thanks Debi. I've been following your success with your new business and its quite inspiring. It makes me think about things I could do in the future when this research project is finished....

  3. I LOVE IT! Love the lab runway as well - very trendy. This is a pretty spectacular pattern, and you rock it so fabulously :) Well done and happy holidays, my friend!!

  4. Love the lab runway! Ah the stolen moments.


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