Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me Made May, days 15-21

Here's a quick recap of MMM days 15-21; I don't feel like I have a lot to say about most of these garments, but I'll try to think of something witty:

Day 15:  Going to the airport this afternoon, so a lot on my mind and a lot to get done.  Burda top pattern from the '80s with absolutely no shaping, but I've gotten compliments on it, so maybe I'm being a harsh judge.

Day 16:  skipped, because I was in transit and wearing my protective flying gear as mentioned in my last post. 

Day 17:  Thrifted size 20 dress that I "tailored" by serging up each size and taking off about 4 inches of width.  Tada!  Very poor lighting in my hotel room and I was too tired to try taking a photo again.  (I had foolishly arrived in Cape Town at 11pm Wednesday and then got up the next morning and decided to go straight to work.  By 4pm I was falling asleep standing up.)

Day 18:  Feeling human again, and wearing a new green shwe shwe wrap dress to fulfill the Green Theme of the day.  Same Vogue pattern as my Cape Town Switcheroo dress.  This is in back of Medical Microbiology at University of Cape Town, looking at the east side of Table Mountain (the opposite side to that which is usually shown in tourist photographs).

Oh yeah, and then I wore it to a performance by Henry Rollins at the Baxter Theatre, RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE I'M STAYING!  And I found out about the show totally by chance the day I arrived, by glancing at the cover of "The Tattler" while I was waiting for some Nando's takeaway.  Score. 
Best line of the night?:   
"...so she's about 118 years old, and she's got a coppermouth in each hand, and I'm screaming, 'Don't die drummer granny!  Don't die!'"

Day 19:  Saturday I slept in until 11AM!  I didn't even know that was possible!  It's amazing what a little jet lag and lack of child care responsibilities will do to your sleep cycles.  Spent the day eating, walking around and trying to fabric shop, but warning:  all the fabric shops close in Cape Town at noon Saturday and don't open again until Monday morning.  Boo.  Wore a repeat of day 6 = batik tunic and jeggings, and caught up on some internets.

Day 20:  Spent Sunday with friends, and wore what shall henceforth be known as my travel defence outfit, which is technically not Me-made, but thrifted.  I did make some of the food in the photo below, so I'm claiming day 20.  So there. 

Day 21:  Tech transfer has officially begun, so it was a long day in the lab and I didn't make time to get a photo outside.  Can't quite see, but this is the shwe shwe Skirt of Indecision and Disagreement from last fall. 

So there ya go.  Week 3 complete, and I have to say that it's not difficult to do, except for the odd casual weekend day that makes me realize I need to make more knits, especially leggings.  I have a more interesting post coming up soon that will involve actual fabric!  Actual sewing patterns!  Actual photos outside of damp, chilly, unheated UCT! 


  1. I know it's not the most glamorous outfit, but the jeggings and tunic top you wore on day 19 is my favorite. It's simple but put together :)

    1. Thanks Madalynne - I wear it ALL THE TIME! I guess I should make another one.

  2. I love your outfits, but especially that thrifted dress! I love it paired with those boots and the belt - fabulous ensemble. And you got to see Henry Rollins?! What a fabulous stroke of luck!!

  3. I love both the Switcheroo dress and the thrifted-and-adjusted dress, very pretty!
    My me-made leggings are total lifesavers during me-made months. They were really quick to sew up, too!


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