Friday, 4 May 2012

Mad Men '67?

After last week's episode featuring Megan's parents (Julia Ormond and Ronald Guttman), arguing their way though it in french (but certainly not Quebecois, since neither of them is Canadian),  I got to thinking.... 


it's currently 1966 in Mad Men land.  
Megan is from Montreal.  
Don hasn't been to Montreal.  
They're going to Expo '67!!!!  
How awesome would that be?


(Thing is, I know people in the TV/film industry here, and there hasn't been any talk about the MM crew doing any location work here.  Darn its.  If they're going to do it, I guess they used studio shots.)

(The First Days of Expo 67:  Totally worth the watch because it has all the iconic images:  Habitat, Fuller's Geodesic dome, '60s fashion, and pot heads staring blankly into space.  Far out.)


  1. We can dream, can't we? Don Draper at the Olympic Stadium! Sigh.

  2. That would be awesome if they did that!!!


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