Thursday, 16 February 2012

Stupid Burdastyle rating system

In case you haven't been over to Burdastyle recently, they have FINALLY decided to ditch the anonymous ratings system that so many of us hated.   Yay! 

They've also added a favorites ticker and enabled automatic HTML yada yada yada. 


No more anonymous ratings system! 


  1. The automatic html doesn't seem to work. *smashy-smashy, killy-killy*
    Also your comments section doesn't work for non-blogger users. Please install disqus or something similar so people from wordpress/typepad etc can comment and maintain their cross-platform identities (without having to register for/ log into google).

  2. Disqus also elimiates the hideous 'captcha word recognition' requirements and allows people to monitor comment responses.


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