Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year, New Plans, Old Habits

Not having a real life sewing circle, and not having a dedicated time each week to spend with real life crafty people means that I've found a virtual sewing community, The Sew Weekly.  I've posted many times about the weekly challenges I've participated in, and the people I've met via the SW.

For 2012, Mena has changed the format to be more community oriented, rather than focusing on five featured sewists, as she did in 2011.  There are ~150 of us who have decided to participate each week, from which 5 projects will be editorially chosen as featured creations (read: Mena picks 'em).  It seems like a good way to keep involved, get some inspiration and motivation.  Or perhaps it's just another example of my tendency to over commit.  We'll see. 

The first week was simply an introduction post:  talk about yourself and post your favourite project of 2011.  Easy enough.  The second week was another easy one: post a project that was inspired by an accessory.  Having a solo parenting week and very little time meant that I threw something together at the 11th hour (literally.  I started after 10pm and finished at about 11pm)  It isn't even technically finished, but it was good enough to pass in a blurry photo: 


Ah yes, the glamorous life in's all posing for internationally renowned photographers, jetting off to Tokyo for the latest Prada shoot, living on cigarettes and cocaine.....

More like awkward pocket camera shots with underage assistants, driving off to Lac de l'Orignal for a weekend in a cabane, living on bacon and beer.

I'll take my life over that of a supermodel any day!  ;)


  1. Hi Vicki. Did I tell you I received the parcel of fabric? It's very nice. Thank you. I thought of giving SW try, but there are too many rules & regulations I just didn't feel like following. I will gladly cheer you on and may even do some of the challenges on my own blog. Eek! I'm already a week behind. LOL.

  2. I also rely heavily on the online sewing circle to keep my appetite satisfied. Wit SW I am a silent observer, enjoy PR and have just fallen into Stitches Guild and their world.
    As for the supermodel world, just remember they don't get to choose, create or keep their modelled clothing - now where is the fun in that, I ask???

  3. @Angela: Great! I thought it would take a long time, because I sent it surface mail at Christmas, along with 10 million other people's things. Let me know when you use it (I still have one black length I haven't used, but I'm going back to S.Africa and Botswana next month and I'll buy more, so I won't feed so bad if I &($% it up!)
    @Doobee64: I know someone here in Montreal who used to be a Prada model, and it sounds as if she didn't even know where she was half the time; but now she is a designer, and gives away lovely samples....

  4. I haven't signed up for the SW thing but I'm still there in away. I love all the other blogs and it's great to see what the world is upto rather than the dark and dingy outskirts of Devon! Love the dress though. Happy new year!

  5. I LOVE your dress ! Well done !! x

  6. I said it on the SW, too, but I love this dress! Bacon and beer is so underrated :)

  7. That seems like too big commitment to be only featured occasionally.What if someone follows along every week and never gets featured? But it is a big creativity booster to have to do a project you haven't thought of or might not be inspired by.I also like to follow project run and play but that is for sewing for kids.
    I like your dress!Is that a modern pattern?

  8. Thanks, Charlotte, Kirsty, Lavender!

    @Justine:Well, it's not obligatory. Mena just put together a group of us that wanted to participate, at least on a monthly basis. You can post whenever you want and sit out whenever you want, and any project you add will be grouped on the front page. It's just the 5 select "featured projects" that get top billing, so to speak. I made the dress by modifiying Butterick 3131, which was a pattern for a cowl necked top. (I still need to finish the hem.....oops)


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