Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I hate jewel necks

I had a slow day at work, so I took the afternoon off and had the house to myself!  Should I do a whirlwind housecleaning?  or finish my almost instant gratification top

I made a few more alternations when I was halfway through the sewing.  I decided to open up the armscye a bit, since I felt like my upper arms were being strangled.  I also decided that I preferred a side zip to a back one, so I added a hook-and-eye closure to the back neck and put in a vintage zip on the right side.  Much nicer!  I'm also divided about the jewel neck:  on the one hand, it looks good and is period-appropriate; on the other hand, I hate the feel on the throat....  ben, faut suffrir pour être belle....

 This tutorial was a very helpful reminder of how to sew a railroad zipper; I've only sewn invisible zips for the last little while, but I actually thought this type would go better with the period pattern.


  1. hi! thank you so much for your comment on my blog! i was so encouraged:)
    i like the top you made, the fabric is very unique!

  2. Thanks! I started this blog to keep track of my own progress as I learn to sew again. I never really considered other people would read it too, strange as that may sound ;)
    (I used to sew quite a bit before I had my two kids, but now time is scarce. Hopefully you will be better organized when your little one comes along!)


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