Monday, 6 December 2010

(almost) Instant gratification Xmas top

Since we are going to be away for much of December, (travelling to visit both families), I won't be able to do any sewing.  I also don't have a lot of time this week because I'm trying to finish testing a yeast-based assay that has been kicking my a** for months!  So....I need some instant sewing gratification.  This little overblouse should be just the thing:   

I know I posted before that I would probably never use this pattern because I had to grade it up.  The fact is, I'm two sizes smaller in the bust than in the waist and hip, so I only had to add a meager 12mm to each side seam. 

 I got this pinecone fabric on Etsy a while ago, but not because it looked Christmas-y.  In fact, I didn't think of Christmas at all when I saw it; it reminded me of textbook illustrations from a schoolbook I had back in the '70s that had probably been published in the '50s.  You know, one of those three-colour illustrations depicting The Coniferous Forest (or something like that; probably something to do with the unlimited resources of the Dominion or some such crap).

(I knew that drafting tool from my engineering school days would someday come in handy!)

There were some stains that had to be avoided in the pattern layout...the Etsy seller had pointed them out, so I knew I would need to ignore the recommended pattern layout instructions anyway. 

I also added about 7cm to the bottom, since I like a slightly longer top.  This should be complete in a couple of days, barring any disasters at home or in the lab! 

Now that I look at the pattern layout, there appears to be enough left over to make a little extra something... Would it be completely unforgiveable to make a matching top or skirt for my little girl?  Or is that so matante that I should forget it?

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