Friday, 4 July 2014

The Juuuust About Right Top

I'm in Nova Scotia on holiday, and after an unusually lucky week of warm, sunny weather, we are preparing to be hit with hurricane Arthur.

My folks live in the country and have a wood burning stove, a well, and lots of candles and torches, so whatever happens, we'll be ok.  We've made a few shopping trips for essentials:  food, water, wine and library books.

I did manage to squeeze my serger into the back of the car for the drive home, so some quick holiday sewing has been done.  I wanted to test an old Burda pattern I have for a basic cap-sleeve pull-over top,  and managed to just squeeze the pieces on this fabric that I got at Scrap in San Francisco last fall. It's a handmade batik done over a plaid.  Totally too much for my usual taste.  More like something Oona would go for…..

…..well, what a coincidence, because it's Oonapalooza month!  Check Gillian's blog for more details, but basically it's an Oona inspired free for all.  What would Oona do (WWODTM)?  Use a tiny scrap of batiked plaid for a top, of course.  Duh.

Ignore the totally '80s illustrations, and just look at the line art, OK?

There isn't much to say about the construction of a dartless, pull-over top, but I did run into one snag:  my hips seem to have mysteriously grown since the last time I took my measurements, so there was no way this top was going to hang properly.  (The seams were straining just for this quick iPhone bathroom selfie.)  There wasn't enough seam allowance to let them out, so WWOD?  Slice into that baby and make it work.

Now I have a crop top that just about hides my Mom belly.  Here follows a typically awkward set of photos taken on my iPhone in the fading light, just before the mosquitoes came out in force:

"Go stand next to the boat".
"You mean this old dirty boat and pile of seaweed and construction materials and wheelbarrow?"
"Yeah, it's a perfect shot."

I was having a weird hair day, so I kept pulling it back and ruining photos.

This is my "take the feckin' photo already face". 

And this is my required outtake, making fun of Mr. A.S.S.'s photo taking stance.

I'm also wearing my jersey yoga-waisted maxi skirt that I whipped up before my rocker weekend with Clare Szabo, but that was so much awesomeness that it deserves its own post.  To follow….

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