Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Another quick post with no photos

A couple of notes before I go away on holiday:

I've always read blogs from my blog roll, even though I use bloglovin'.  Don't know why.  Just a habit from the old days I guess.  Anyway, I've decided to finally go through my loooooong blog roll and make sure that I'm also following everyone on bloglovin'.  So, if you see that I've suddenly started following you, it doesn't mean that I haven't been reading all along.  :)

I'm going car-tripping to visit family for a couple of weeks, and while my mother has a basic Singer sewing machine, she doesn't have an overlocker.  So I put out a question on twitter as to whether it was normal to want to take my serger with me.  A resounding YES was the response.  Even Mr. A.S.S. thought it made sense.  (Oh yes, I've brainwashed him well.  Muahahahahaha.)  So instead of packing the back of the station wagon with sleeping bags and tent, it will have my Brother 1034D, plus bags of pre-matched fabric and patterns.  Do I know how to holiday or what?!

I have a few unblogged projects that just need photographing, so hopefully I'll get around to it while I'm on holiday.  If not, just imagine two short skirts and one maxi.  There.  Blogging done.

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