Friday, 23 September 2011

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Two weeks ago, I thought/hoped that my unexpected vacation may be coming to an end, so I thought I'd better grab the chance to go see the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit at the MuseĆ© de Beaux Arts.  (Just imagining going to this exhibit with the yard apes in tow makes my blood pressure rise.  In fact, they probably have a no-kids-allowed policy, and for good reason.  All the pieces are displayed right there, within sticky finger reaching distance.)  

I took a couple of shots in the entrance of my favourite piece:  this draped jersey nautical dress with the trailing strips.  The foyer was crammed with a bus tour of people, so I figured I'd just loop around and get some more photos after I'd seen the whole exhibit.  Unfortunately, it was one-way only, so I didn't get back for more, but you can always follow the link above for much better shots than my pocket camera is capable of taking.  

The mannequins were blank-faced, with faces of local artists, singers, and even J-PG himself projected onto them, and were triggered to start when you tripped the sensors.  A strange experience until you figure it out.  

(sorry for the crap iPhone video, but that's the best yer gonna get on this blog!)

There are pieces of his earliest works;  his famous Blonde Ambition era corsets; The Uptight Charm of the Bourgeoisie; High-Tech; the film costumes from Fifth Element, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, and the Almadovar films...I'm forgetting a lot more than I'm remembering.  Maybe I'll have to go again. 

It's a genius exhibition, and it's traveling over the next two years to Dallas, San Francisco, Madrid and Rotterdam, so catch it if you can!


  1. The crowded exhibit sounds just like it was for the McQueen show at the Met this summer (such an amazing show! And too bad it won't be here still for your visit on Friday!). I just realized after you popped over to my site, that I long ago "favorited" your lovely Venda skirt with the fabric from Cape Town! Looking forward to meeting you on Friday!


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