Friday, 19 November 2010

A Single Man Dress - Complete!

So, 11pm on a Friday night, after a long week of overtime and looking after the kids....A Single Man Dress is done!  (please ignore the tired eyes + flash pics) 

I used double knit ponti di roma for the body of the dress, the cape and the white block.  The cape is lined with an unknown white synthetic (a Village des Valeurs find for $3).  I was originally thinking of using a wool or wool blend, but then I remembered how insanely itchy wool makes me and I knew I would never wear it, no matter how great it looked.  After a few attempts at insetting the white block, I realized I was waaaay out of my (sewing) league.  There was just too much puckering.  I decided to topstitch a double layer of the white ponti di roma to the front, which worked much better.  The cape was attached at the shoulder seams with small loops of black fabric and four vintage black buttons.     

I'm getting some professional shots done tomorrow.  Having a cousin who is a commercial photographer can certainly come in handy!  I'll post them when we're done. Good night all.

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