Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Montreal Meet-up (way overdue)

The First Montreal Meet-up took place on May 25th, and despite the cold and rain, we managed to still have a great time.  (did you expect anything less of a sewists' meet-up?)

Monserrat, Julie, me, Heather Lou, Catherine, Suzie and Shannon

Not only did I get to finally meet Heather Lou after what seems like years of blog communication, but also Shannon, whose *other* blog about lactivism I was reading years ago and never made the connection until the day before we met!  Monserrat (on the far left) and I have a standing lunch date whenever I am downtown working at Biochemistry, because she just so happens to be another sewing scientist on that campus. (what is it with sewing scientists?!?)  Julie, it turns out lives just down the road from me, and although Catherine lives on the south shore, we had a lot to talk about and I'm sure it won't be our last visit. Suzie is relatively new to Montreal, and has a brand new blog that you should check out too! 

And no, I did not leave empty handed:  I grabbed this Burda Classics and a few envelope patterns....

Yes, I know that one of them is a maternity pattern.  No, I don't ever plan on being pregnant again.

....and got a graphic shirting weight cotton in white, turquoise and black.  Me Made May showed me that I need more patterned tops, so this should fit the bill.  Shannon bought the same fabric, so we'll have to do a compare/contrast when we've both made it up! I also bought this fake batik for a home deco project, but that's too boring to blog about, so you'll probably never see it again.
We are planning another meetup for the summer, which takes me to my next item.....

I'm putting her avatar here because you'll probably recognize it from blog comments.  And because it's super awesome.
Carmen Bouchard of CarmencitaB is planning a late summer trip to Montreal and was wondering if we could get our shit together again while she's in town.  She didn't actually use those words, since she is so much classier than I, but that was the gist of the conversation we had on Twitter the other day.  More to come once times and dates are closer, but if you follow her, you'll want to get in on that action!  Let me know if you'd be down for a meet-up.


  1. I would love to go this time around! Let me know the when and where. Thanks! Caroline

  2. Looks like so much fun! I wished I lived closer...

  3. You make me feel so welcome! I'll be in MTL from August 15th give or take a few days until September 4th give or take a few days. We can set the date now if you want e-mail me carmencitab at carmencitab dot com

  4. Yay! Let me check on some things, because I know I have a couple of events near the end of August. Then I'll ask around the other Montreal sewists and get things going. À bientôt!


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