Thursday, 26 July 2012

I'll be home soon

I've been travelling.  A lot.  First was a road trip from Montreal to the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia where I grew up and my parents now live again.  Two days and 1200+ km with two little kids.  We all survived, although I would only recommend this maneuver to Advanced Parents.  There were lots of snacks, stops, clean-up supplies and Pintrest-inspired tricks to keep the sanity.

Then we drove another 5 hours to our extended family's bungalow (cottage, to those of you not fluent in Cape Breton-ese).  We swam in Margaree Harbour, ate ice cream every day and set out lots of mouse traps.

After two solid weeks of fun and sun (practically unheard of in Nova Scotia (the uninterrupted sun, not the fun)), we drove back to Montreal just in time for me to unpack, repack and hop on a plane to University of South Florida in Tampa for a work trip.  

Something about trees covered in Spanish moss makes the heat more feel more intense.  Hell, I'm sweating just looking at this photo.
 This collaboration was born about a year ago, when I spoke at a colloquium about our drug discovery research.  I was selfishly hoping that the trip would have happened in January or February, when we are 3m deep in snow, but somehow it got delayed until the last week of July, when Montreal is also hot and steamy.  I know, I know....first world problems.  It's still a free work trip with all that entails:  meeting new people, training new students, exploring a new city, staying in a hotel with a pool and a room all to myself.  (you never appreciate the total freedom involved in DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT FROM 5PM-9AM until you have kids.  Even the flights were like a mini-vacation for me because I got to read my book uninterrupted.  But I digress.)

And believe it or not, through all this travel, I still managed to get a bit of sewing done.  I worked on a Mfengu inspired linen skirt while on the long road trip:

inspiration:  African Mfengu button blanket work

Sewing the buttons in the car brought on a bit of motion sickness though, so I had to do it in brief patches.  Then we stopped at an Irving Big Stop (Eastern Canadians will know what I'm talking about) for an awesome photo session:

I also found time to sew a super simple pull-over dress for my daughter that ended up being both too wide and too short (I guess she's tall and skinny for her age!) but still cute nonetheless.  Maybe she'll wear it with leggings in the winter?  I have to remember to add 6 inches to her dresses from now on.  These kids are going to be towering over me before I know it.

And to top it all off, I've also been invited to Promaballoona in August.  I gave away my two homemade prom dresses many moon ago (one made by my mother and the other by an aunt) but I'm sure I've got something hanging in my closet that is appropriate for the serious, formal occasion in question.  


Damn, I've got a room overlooking the pool and a big, loud group of teenagers just checked in and are whooping it up outside.  Don't they know I go on business trips to avoid having to listen to kids? Sheesh.


  1. Wow you have been busy! Your family trip looks so much fun, sun sea great views. I also love your skirt great trim. x x x

  2. Your family trip looks like a fabulous time, but I am also glad you get to do some traveling and relaxing by yourself for a few days :) The skirt turned out beautifully, and I give you major credit for sewing buttons on in the car! I get way too motion sick to attempt that, so I definitely admire your perseverance. Enjoy Florida, and if you swing back through my airport any time soon, let me know!

  3. Looks like you had a great trip! I really love your skirt. It looks so breezy and cool, and the buttons add a fun detail. Lovely job!


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