Monday, 12 December 2011

Back home, back to work, back to sewing

My family has logged almost 20,000km in flights over the past two weeks, so you'll forgive me if I've been silent in blogland.

I was in Vancouver, caring for my MIL when I heard that my strike had finally ended.  Perhaps it is my lack of religious upbringing, but it makes so much more sense to me to spend some time with someone at the end of their life, rather than waiting until they are gone and attending their funeral.  In trying to explain death to my son and nephew, we came to the conclusion that my final days should involve a party with my favourite band, a bouncy castle to jump in and a mountain of gummies to swim in (we're talking about a 6- and an 8-year-old here, but I am all over that idea.  I plan to hold them to it, although I doubt I'll be able to get Henry Rollins, Tom Waits and all the Wainwright / McGarrigle family together at the same time.  Unless I get a really awesome bouncy castle.)

I flew back to Montreal and now I have to remember how to do all that science stuff again.  The fact that my previous lab space has been taken from me and the renovations in my new space are not yet complete makes things awkward (long story, involving lots of passive aggression misdirected at me, rather than at the person responsible, but that's another story....)

With all this going on, there hasn't been much sewing happening around here, but I do have a little sneak peek for the week ahead:


  1. I hope you are well and ok, you have had queit a time of it family jobs ect. Glad to see you back, not so glad that sneaky peak is tiny and not worth anything, anymore clues??

  2. Oh, I'm all for those final days ideas! Also: cowl neck dress? Or hoodie dress? Anyway, I like the purple color!

  3. Glad the strike finally ended, and that you were able to take advantage of the time off to spend it with your MIL. Good luck getting back into the swing of work (and avoiding the politics:)).

  4. Well, it looks like I'm back on a plane tomorrow, but I did manage to squeeze in one very quick project last night. Emphasis on quick. I'll post later.
    And you're right Charlotte: the project I originally planned to do this week was a cowl-necked top, recut from a purple jersey dress fiasco ;)

  5. welcome back, and well said.

    just read your last comment. catching up backwards, you see. welcome back for when you GET back!


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